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Classic Collection: 5 Inch /12ft Lengths /16 Colours /Matching Scotias & Self Adhesive Strips. € 1.33 Per Foot
Torus: 5 Inch & 6.5 Inch /8ft Lengths /10 Colours. € 1.50 Per Foot / € 2.00 Per Foot
Ogee: 5.75 Inch/ 12ft Lengths /5 Colours. € 1.50 Per Foot
Luxury Collection: 3.5 Inch, 5 Inch & 6 Inch /8ft Lengths /8 Colours. € 1.25 Per Foot / € 1.75 Per Foot
The Nature Collection: 5 Inch/ 8ft Lengths / 4 Colurs/ Matching Architraves. € 1.38 Per Foot
French Collection: 6 Inch/ 12ft Lengths /3 Colours/ Matching Architraves. € 1.90 Per Foot



Available in two moulds, Traditional or Contemporary. Melamine Covered MDF in a range of 16 colours. Exact matching Scotias and self adhesive strips available for all colours. Skirtings come in long lengths, minimizing joins and are 5 inches high

Length: 3.66m (12ft)

Height: 120mm

Thickness: 15mm

Price Per Metre: € 4.37

Price Per Foot: € 1.33

Length Price: € 16.00

Traditonal Mould

Contemporary Mould

Vintage Oak

Style Oak

Rustic Oak

Vintage Beech

Honey Beech

Steamed Beech

Dark Cherry

Light Cherry

Dark walnut

Light Walnut







Dark Walnut Contemporary


10 Colours Available in a Torus mould. These melamine Covered MDF skirtings come in two heights 4 and 3/4 Inch and 6 and 1/2 inch. They offer a good selection in oak.

Length: 2.4m (8ft)

Height: 117mm OR 166mm

Thickness: 15mm

Price Per Metre: € 5.00/€ 6.66

Price Per Foot: € 1.50/€ 2.00

Length Price: € 12.00 OR

€ 16.00

Torus Mould           

White FC14

Natural Oak FC15

Rustic Oak FC18

Light Walnut FC29

Merabu FC25

Dark Walnut FC35

Dark Oak FC41

Honey Oak FC2

Knotty Oak FC67

White Oak FC33


Available in an Ogge mould, These five decors have both added height and length at rough 5 and 3/4 inches and 12ft long they'll add a touch of grandur to your room.

Length: 3.6m (12ft)

Height: 140mm

Thickness: 15mm

Price Per Metre: € 5.75

Price Per Foot: € 1.75

Length Price: € 21.00

Ogee Mould           

Honey Beech

Cottage Oak

Dark Walnut

Elegant Cherry

Classic Maple



A truely versatile collection of skirtings. Available in three heights 3 and 1/2 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch. Offering a good variety of colours both in light and darkers shades.

Length: 2.4m (8ft)

Height: 92mm OR 130mm OR 150mm

Thickness: 15mm

Price Per Metre: € 4.16/€ 5.85/€ ***

Price Per Foot: € 1.25/€ 1.75/€ ***

Length Price: € 10.00 OR

€ 14.00 OR € ****

Torus Mould           

White FL1

Mahogany FL2

Cherry FL3

Oak FL4

Walnut FL5 (Only in 130mm)

Beech FL6

Maple FL7

Pine FL8




A collection of four decors with matching architraves. A classic style to suit most homes and give your wood work a complete revamp.

Length: 2.4m (8ft)

Height: 120mm

Thickness: 15mm

Price Per Metre: € 4.58

Price Per Foot: € 1.38

Length Price: € 11.00


Torus Mould

TS 13 Oak

TS 15 Natural Oak

TS 26 Rustic Oak

TS 60 Walnut

Length: 2.2m (7.5ft)

Height: 65mm

Thickness: 15mm

Price Per Metre: € 4.54

Price Per Foot: € 1.33

Length Price: € 10.00

TA 13  Oak

TA 15 Natural Oak

TA 26 Rustic Oak

TA 60 Walnut



A very realistic collection of three decors and matching architraves. The skirting is avilable in 5 and 1/2 inches high and 12ft lengths. The longer lengths mean less joins coupled with it's extra height and realistic decor makes this range one of our most popular. Complet your room with matching architrave to give a classy overall finish.

Length: 3.6m (12ft)

Height: 140mm

Thickness: 15mm

Price Per Metre: € 6.33

Price Per Foot: € 1.90

Length Price: € 22.80



CS 20 White

CS 17 French Oak

CS 60 Walnut

Length: 2.15m (7ft)

Height: 75mm

Thickness: 15mm

Price Per Metre: € 5.12

Price Per Foot: € 1.57

Length Price: € 11.00

CA 20 White

CA 17 French Oak

CA 60 Walnut